Jam vers.

Will leave this one as the Jam Version and work on a more satisfying and purposeful version of the same game.

What I really wanna make is Ultima V but I can't work out how to do that with the Pico-8! Text space is limited and I want to use as much as possible of it on data for caves. I got high on DROD RPG and am unsure that bump combat is that interesting without gimmicks; wonder to what extent the fighting system could be upgraded? Making enemy units which move would be the simplest upgrade - would give a semi-Fire Emblem feel where units of little note would chase you while the heroes stay put!

But what I really want to do is think of a better system that's all my own; all this time with pico-8 I've kinda been doing *my* blockpusher, *my* roguelike, *my* DROD, *my* unreleased and abandoned hacking puzzle game, etc and I think it's becoming a distraction from really thinking about things.


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Jul 03, 2022

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