day "one"

for the RNGGAME 2 JAM, this is a puzzle game inspired by Drod and based on my own storyline universe. I've been doing some prelim stuff in the previous days cos I fully expect to get wiped out by this UK heatwave. feel free to point and giggle at the idea of a UK "heatwave" but we really did hit thirty degrees today and I am not prepared for it lol

today I wrote the first piece of in level music, improved the title graphics and fiddled with ramifications of gameplay - I thought I'd made something boring but expanding the size of the corridors and letting the monsters spread out and swarm you makes the game harder; the in-between diagonal knife positions are the weakest at times like this, since the enemies move a cardinal direction each turn and surround you when yr knives aren't defending you in the open

tomorrow it's time to work out how to improve the feedback of the game - right now you can't see which way yr facing and enemies just vanish when you stabify them. there's a sound effect but that's always best paired with a dust splosion or something. no need for screen shake, I honestly dislike screen shake

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Jul 17, 2021

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