day fiveee

buggy update shared.

- making the explosions longer makes the game feel laggy/sticky - frames aren't being dropped but it's depressing that yr inputs aren't being considered - might try and make explosions NOT lock input since i don't think they're tied to your position anyway

- energy studs block monsters which is fine, but when yr standing next to a monster and don't defeat it, it should be able to pounce you and kill you anyway. that's just imho but its my game giggle

- if you don't line up the level screen exits then you can swap over into a wall, like leaving the gammagine room for instance

- it's really overdue that i make an exit, some pickups, the keycard and the acid titles. the core of the gameplay should then be present so that if some disaster occurs like for instance my laptop power cable completely failing then I'll be able to submit something to the jam. polish comes in the last three days I guess

- my code is worse than ever :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Jul 21, 2021

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