next steps

Not going to upload a build today, I'm in the middle of some stuff;

- loading in a level from a string, and the level's comprised of multiple screens. the game doesn't scroll but rather move from room to room like an old zx spectrum game, and only the active objects in the room yr in ever function. good news is that thanks to pico-8's map memory, moving from room to room is dramatic and elegant - whenever you leave the room, all the active enemies die and all the monster spawners live, just as a consequence of how the game already works, which is great.

- working out if there's other building blocks the game needs to be entertainingy complex. so far there's only one enemy AI, and I strongly think that that's going to stay the way it is now, so I need some blocks which add tactics to the way you fight them without inducing a bunch of puzzle systems. I like puzzles, but for this game I want the player to be concerned only with movement

- melting in a heatwave

- prettifying my terrible code. been noticing some places where lines are duplicated and others where they're unmathematical and hacky. i can probably do better before the jam time's up. My priorities are always like this, in the end, though:

Music: needs to be A+
Mood/story: needs to be A+
Graphics: I do what entertains me
Gameplay: I do what entertains me
Code: do NOT look at the code lol

im an artist first, an admirer of long weird games second. there's no way I can write an elegant tech toy, not my skillset, you'll just have to brace yrself for something messier <3

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