graydnmuch (the setting)

points about Graydnmuch, the city this game's set in: (who knows how much of this will actually make it into the game? But its my longstanding imaginary setting and I have megadetails about the place)

Graydnmuch is an alternate reality town in the north of England, a big commercial centre when the north became valuable during industrial times. Now in decline, the place hosts a number of oddities: international companies with secretive output build their HQs above ancient worship sites, called Wraeums, and benefit in an occult way from their presence. The streets and their denizens are haunted and taunted by beings the locals call Baelies.

It's not all bad, though: Graydnmuch's burgeoning punk scene has surpassed the pubs'n'clubs circuit and become a cheerfully lawless art movement, twinned with an invented heathen religion (Mosephinia, based on a casketed human form extracted from a wraeum and briefly exhibited in Spearmint Tower, the locus of terrible business activity in the city, before being shuttered away) and an undefeatable indie spirit that defies the police crackdowns it's drawn as response. Mosephinite marches through the streets of Graydenmuch are noisy, provocative and eerie, and exist partially thanks to the technical know-how of one Gene Ratsen, a mutant and goth musician, drum machine and guitar pedal specialist. Together with his singer Shumnki they're demigods of the scene. (and we all know demigods are bad news!)

In the story of Stabby Hellion, two characters called Gammajine and Limmhesto (a pair of fairly anti-social mercenaries and artists, who've teamed up and fashioned themselves after demons they've dreamed up) are lurking at the periphery of a Servants of Practical Purpose gig (that's Gene's band) when Shumnki's innate witchiness goes absent-minded and haywire and several members of the crowd become inhabited with Baelies, including Gammajine. She's always been a fairly solitary person and a midnight grafitti artist, so the pressure of being haunted in this manner makes her react in a desperate fashion: she trashes the band's amps, takes swings at the audience, takes over the stage and snarls at everyone, grows wings, normal coping mechanisms. Now she's on a rampage through Graydnmuch, turning over cars and alerting the police as she goes, and Limmhesto's stuck following the trail of wreckage.

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