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thinking about Stabby Hellion
Reflections on putting out a demo that's now striking me as a little unappealling: - The tutorial isn't really a tutorial, but rather an overview of the game fo...
Stabby Hellion demo released
After two weeks of game jamming, here's what I've got! Stabby Hellion does most of what I wanted to achieve; - puzzle gameplay based on moving a character inste...
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the next upload will be the final version
I present you with a very small vertical slice thing :) don't pick tutorial or "no" after dying. remember you're here for ever have removed a lot of effects whi...
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new playable level
try and beat this one <3 I can't prove it mathematically but I think you need to separate the knives at certain times to defeat this one! I'm excited at all the...
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day fiveee
buggy update shared. observations: - making the explosions longer makes the game feel laggy/sticky - frames aren't being dropped but it's depressing that yr inp...
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graydnmuch (the setting)
points about Graydnmuch, the city this game's set in: (who knows how much of this will actually make it into the game? But its my longstanding imaginary setting...
day three
got three important things working: travelling between screens, importing a whole level at once from a string, and a quick tool to export the top left corner of...
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next steps
Not going to upload a build today, I'm in the middle of some stuff; - loading in a level from a string, and the level's comprised of multiple screens. the game...

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